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Introducing Nutritionese Teatox

This is the one they are all talking about. Celebrities are raving about Nutritionese Teatox. You will have seen it on TV and in all popular magazines. A centuries old formulation that has undergone rigorous testing in some of the worlds most prestigious labs. This potent, effective and pleasant tasting herbal tea is all you need to thoroughly detox the body of everyday toxins found in our air, food and water.

Quality Assurance and Standards

All of the herbs supplied by Nutritionese are organically grown. The manufacturing process herbs is fully compliant with GMP rules, which are the approval standard for herbal supplements agreed to in Europe and the USA.

Herbs are in a concentrate of five to one. After the manufacturing process, an analysis certificate is sought for every herbal preparation, and every batch being made. The analysis certificate is concerning the spectrophotometric analysis, together with the search for inorganic salts, pesticides, and heavy metals. It is only after a positive certificate that herbals are made available for use.